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dwf to dwg

DWF to DWG Converter is the best tool to help you finish converting a DWF to a DWG file. If you wonder how to convert a DWF file to a DWG, please have a try with this tool.

DWF to DWG Converter can help you easily convert DWF to editable DWG file, without AutoCAD. It fully supports all AutoCAD versions from AutoCAD R2.5-R2011, and best keeps all the elements in DWF file.

DWF (Design Web Format) is the industry standard for sharing data-rich design files electronically. Small, fast, and secure, the DWF format preserves the fidelity and integrity of designs. Access complex design data without the originating design application.

Free download DWF to DWG Converter and easily convert DWF back to editable DWG file.


dwf to dwg converter

Key Features of DWF to DWG Converter

  • Convert AutoCAD drawing formats from DWF to editable DWG.

  • It is also a Free DWG Viewer.

  • Support AutoCAD versions from AutoCAD R2.5-R2011.

  • Support multi page specification.

  • Perfectly keep all DWF elements generated by AutoCAD "plot to DWF", including true type fonts, ellipses, arcs and elliptical arcs.

  • If the DWF file keeps layers information, this tool helps recreate layers in DWG file.

If you want to get AutoCAD DWG files from DWF files, this DWF to DWG Converter can help you a lot, which can keeps all the elements in DWF files and create editable DWG files.

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